The Perfect Son T-shirts

José Jimenez’s dream is more than just an underwear brand. His work and life have been full of incredible experiences, travels and people who have been references for his work.

The world of The Perfect Son extends to clothing and objects that are everyday yet stand out with their simplicity or their sentimental value.

Who doesn’t have t-shirts in their wardrobe which remind them of a moment, a person or a lived experience? This torn t-shirt that you sleep with and which you can’t bring yourself to throw away, the t-shirt from a trip that you’ll never forget, the one from your favourite band you saw live and couldn’t stop dancing or the film which left a mark on you as James Dean did in Rebel without a Cause or Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire, immortalised in film and changing the concept of t-shirts forever.

The t-shirt has always been a way to reclaim a feeling. The first slogan t-shirt was made for the campaign of a New York governor. The t-shirt became a fantastic tool for advertising, expressing ideas and emotions.

The t-shirt as we know it today emerged as an undergarment, at first they were only white, but they soon started to be visible.

Great designers such as Christian Dior elevated them to the category of haute couture and in the 70s Yves Saint Laurent put them on the catwalk with his logo.

The t-shirt we put on when we go out can seem an unimportant decision, but it is key to understanding or expressing our own personality. T-shirts made to created unforgettable moments among people special to us.

The Perfect Son offers you t-shirts in soft, 150gr, 100% organic cotton with pg thread and silk-feel finish to ensure luxury and quality without forgetting about comfort, making this the most special t-shirt you have in your wardrobe.