"An earthy luxury, appreciating simplicity"

Minimum environmental impact

The environmental impact of manufacturing a garment, the conditions in which people work to manufacture clothing or the country where each of the garments comes from, is a topic that always worried Jose Jimenez since he dedicated a large part of his life in Multinationals..

All his materials and manufacturing processes are chosen following a responsible, social and environmental philosophy throughout the entire supply chain of materials. Thinking of the present and what we want to leave as a legacy for next generations.

Jose jimenez is behind, practically, of the whole process: design, pattern making and cut production in his workshop/factory. He recognizes the importance of local manufacturing, of knowing who and how make his clothes and, of course, the importance of responsibility in local and sustainable manufacturing.

He escapes from the disposable tendencies by making his pieces small treasures that can be used over time.