The word "Mediterranean" means "sea in the middle of the lands", which refers to the region defined by its border with the sea

More than 20 countries overlook the Mediterranean Sea, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the beaches of Beirut, each one with different cultures, languages ​​and history, but with a common thread in charisma and way of seeing life.


The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest due to its low content of saturated fat and high levels of vegetable oils, its fantastic geography and wonderful climate make everything that is grown special, its fruits and vegetables place us among the best in the world, but it What makes us special is our “liquid gold” olive oil, a healthy product that we consume daily in our diet, either in salads, to make fantastic spoon dishes or simply on toast.

The Mediterranean produces the healthiest foods on the planet, our diet is praised by nutrition professionals as an example of what we should do to feel healthy and happy.


Wheat, olive oil, garlic, onion, pepper, lettuce, carrot, tomato, legumes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, blue fish, white meat (poultry), figs and grapes, oranges, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts) , aromatic herbs and yogurt


The Mediterranean lifestyle is fantastic thanks to its warm climate, it makes you spend all day on the streets, walking, with friends or drinking beer until late at night, all the good times are related to the outdoors,

Going out in the afternoon when the mid-day heat goes down with no clear direction and ending up in a square gossiping is the national sport and one of the little pleasures of life

Nor can we forget its thousands of kilometres of fine sand beaches and its mountains that offer us a wide range of activities, be it food, sports, hiking, climbing or simply relaxing for hours on the beaches enjoying its beach bars.

For these and many reasons I decided that my next collection would be blue

Because I am and I feel Mediterranean, I decided with The Perfect Son to pay homage to the sea that has given me so much, creating a collection of boxer shorts in Blue.


The day that the poet Antonio Machado was found dead, he had in his coat pocket a crumpled piece of paper with three notes, one of which could be a verse: “These blue days and this childhood sun.”
Blue was always my favorited colour, colours denote emotions and convey feelings, it is possible that our favorited colour is not the result of chance but an extension of ourselves.
Blue is the colour of tranquillity, of spiritual peace, that which makes us feel comfortable and calm, this colour is strongly associated with cleanliness and purity.
Colours generate concrete emotional experiences. The blue colour reminds me of water in almost all its forms, especially the seas and oceans, as well as the rain, it also highlights its association with the colour of the sky, Alicante has a special light that makes the blues look different,
The colour blue is one of the primary colours that the human being is able to perceive, and one of which one of the three types of cones that we have in our eye is able to detect directly
It has been observed that blue is usually linked to introspection, shyness and tolerance, but probably its best known link is with the idea of ​​serenity and calm. It is one of the colours most related to tranquillity and control of the situation, as well as peace, understanding and protection. It is also linked to the care of others and trust and credibility.
Lighter shades are often associated with innocence and generosity, sky blue, such as morning or calm water while the darkest are related to intelligence, power and knowing how to be, maturity and hardness (more typical of storms, waves and sunset).
Other concepts that a large part of the world symbolizes with the color blue are freedom, loyalty, harmony, fidelity, seriousness and truth. The color blue is also associated with strength and authority, physical energy, intelligence
The colour of sympathy and harmony, despite being cold and distant. Blue is a cool, calming colour and is associated with the mind, to the most intellectual part.

What would blue be without white? moving clouds changing the shades of blue sky, the white foam of the waves with their unmistakable sound, the transparent moon over the sky of summer nights ... The colour white is strongly associated with cleanliness and purity, for me, it is the smell of talcum powder and freshly laundered sheets.

It represents the night. The reflection of the moon over the Mediterranean Sea, navy blue has the very particular smell of sea and wet sand on dark, humid nights. In ancient times, it was associated with infinity, immortality, dark blue is related to intelligence, power and knowing how to be, maturity and hardness, I remember so many moments of solitude, lying on the beach looking at the stars, makes my heart sad.

Used by royalty and the sacred. It is associated with innocence and generosity, blue sky Alicante, giving a unique light to the way I see things. As the notes they found in the pocket of the poet Antonio Machado said on the day of his death, "These blue days and this childhood sun." Its smell of fresh air with aromas of jasmine and freshly cut grass take me back to my childhood,