"An earthy luxury, appreciating simplicity"


The fit, unique in its details, provides incomparable comfort. The craftsmanship handed down through generations in Barcelona, Spain and not yet corrupted by globalisation allows the garments a perfect fit to the body. The chosen tailoring combine the best textiles in the World (Thomas Mason, 100% cotton, Giza 45, 140/2-140/2) with the comfortable and exclusive design of French couture. Essentials for men who know what they want.


The 9 stitching by centimetre technique transforms each garment into a work of art. All details, from the personalized nacre buttons to the high quality elastic band have been chosen from the best in the market. Moreover, following in good sartorial tradition, all garments are packed and folded with pins.

Out of these unique qualities seven different models presented in splendid cube packaging were born. Each cube/model contains an exclusive fragrance developed by our experts. The fragrance will allow you to experience the pleasure of that first day again and again.

Being the best brief in the world, The Perfect Son is always labelled with a certificate of authenticity. All models are numbered guaranteeing origin. This also allows us to take care of our customers on a personal basis. We care about our customers and their experiences with our products.

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Numbers 1 to 5

White is the natural colour of elegance and always the first choice of shirt makers. We have therefore chosen white for models 1 to 5. The detail remains however in the textures and jacquards. There are white shirts for different occasions so there is also a Perfect Son boxer for every situation.

Number 1 is the first number, the origin in which lies action and initiative. So this our best boxer short No 1, the impulse that will push our ego to the top of the world : « it is me ». The fragrance based on citrus cardamon, jasmine, lily and musk encourage vitality and readiness for a great beginning.
The Twin of No 1, opposed but complementary. Is the garment of intuition and duality. Your self-confidence will be reinforced to open the door to emotions. The fragrance of sandalwood , amber, cardamon and vetiver will create a spark in your life.
No 3 is the number of sociability and friendship. This model will inspire creativity, enthusiasm and optimism. This element will help you to cross the Equator that makes the 3 in a series of 5. The touch of bergamot, lavender and moss are complemented by leather, sandalwood and balm. A garment that encourages you to enjoy life.
The fourth model focuses on details and norms. The effort, the work and the discipline will achieve their results. Stability comes out of the fragrances of sandal, vanilla, clove and patchouli. Amber complements the group and push our willingness to grow. The future lies in the past.
From of the previous models we come out with this more mature garment that helps our wellbeing through the balance between body and soul. The fruits of our research come to fragrances of resin (amber) and wood (cedar, sandalwood and vetiver). The respecting of rules leads you to independence and free spirit. No 5 is above all free.


A break from the daily routine makes the weekend different and special: moments to slow down and enjoy what we were unable to do during the working week; uniting hedonistic Saturday evenings with lazy Sunday afternoons.

Night out and Day Off break with the daily whites with some high definition prints. A laid back, feel good factor that doesn’t compromise on style

Conceived for those days of rest in which time and rhythm are disrupted. Day Off combines the perfect balance in between comfort and elegance. Ideal to enjoy the peace of doing anything or nothing, this model combines a discreet print with a sporty lateral band. The fresh touches of grapefruit, tangerine and ginger give the contrast to the deeper cedar and musk. Day Off is the perfect expression of freedom without neglect.
To build a perfect balance we need a contrast. Against the yin of the white solar colour we need a Yang of darkness. The best boxer brief Night Out is this balance with its black colour with micro white dots. The discreet satin band provides an audacious and party touch. The virility of the cedar, moss and sandal is spiced by the touches of patchouli, vanilla and cacao.

The Perfect Son provides a personalised service for the most demanding customer. All our boxer shorts can be personalised with initials, dates, names or symbols. This attention to details is our signature. The best quality boxer for men.