The big heart of a big photographer

Daniel got involved in the project on an afternoon of October 2013, in his house, with a cup of coffee, an ipad, a prototype and a story of a passionate designer. He then came up with four ideas and immediately declared: “Yes for sure i’ll do it. I am delighted that projects with such emotion exist.”

Daniel, thanks.

Photographer Daniel Riera Director de arte Oscar Visitación Berta Models Alfonso y Terrence

The story of an amateur photographer

Amateur photographer, Jose Jimenez bought himself a camera as a Christmas present. Which lead him to explore the possibilities of the image in friends and acquaintances by looking at the less apparent sides of them: the emotion, the soul, the glimmer in their eyes. In order to capture, within each, the essence what identifies them with The Perfect Son.

Photographer Daniel Riera Model Tyler Graphic design Xavi Torres