curtis speer wearing an underwear

He was born in Lawton a city in Comanche County of the US state in Oklahoma, a military city on the southern edge of the great plains, an insubstantial place with little interest as a military city and without a soul for the life that Curtis Speer dreamed of.

This artist grew up enriched by his solitude observing everything that surrounded him, seeing beauty where others did not see it, he spent his free time immersing himself in nature, tuning in with trees, colors, sounds and most importantly light.

Light taught him to capture the subtleties of life and I always work from various perspectives, what his eyes saw, the thoughts that passed through his mind and the emotion that his heart sent her.

curtis speer in underwear
Curtis Speer in underwear for The Perfect Son

This sensitivity led him to get a University Drawing Scholarship in Fine Arts, which taught him to develop his own perspective as a photographer.

“My work is the result of continuous hard work and perseverance. Work with designers throughout the West coast and signatures in New York, I never leave to be inspired by the people around me”


Speaking with Curtis, he told me that he feels a lot of respect for his parents, but it was his father who instilled in him what he had to be as a man, he was his source, his great spirit. I felt very identified with him because, although I could only enjoy my father for ten years, I feel that I have a lot of him, his effort at work, his desire to constantly learn and the love that he put into everything he did, he continues to be my source that I keep drinking from.

curtis speer wearing The Perfect Son boxer shorts
Curtis Speer enjoying his boxer shorts The Perfect Son

When are you the Perfect Son?

I catch myself being the perfect son when I hear my dad’s voice in the back of my head talking to me about work ethic and humanity and humility and observing without judgement. His words are with me daily and I find it’s up to me to practice what I’ve been taught as it comes from a loving, non-egoic place. Being of service is a huge aspect of living on this planet which includes helping yourself so you can help others. This is not to be misconstrued as being selfish, but more about being mindful. So, I am the perfect son when my dad is able to witness the lessons he instilled in me to live a just and full life. 

When are you not the Perfect Son?

I find myself out of alignment when I assume I can do something without the help of others or without the help of something greater than me. The resistance builds and the frustration sets in leading me to make poor or hasty decisions based on fear and lack as opposed to resting in the possibilities that all things work together.  I am not the perfect son when I allow circumstances to dictate my well-being as nothing outside of me is responsible for my happiness. My dad always observes without judgement and relies on his patience until I get back on track.

About Curtis Speer

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Twin of 1, is its opposite, or complementary. It is the garment of intuition and duality. Self-esteem will be reinforced to open the door to emotions