"An earthy luxury, appreciating simplicity"

From inside my heart

Jose Jimenez was born in Elda-Spain on a summer night in1968 and that location forever marked his life. Elda is the mecca of shoe craftsmanship in Spain and known all over the world. Jose’s father, a shoe maker, and his mother, a dressmaker, will instill him the love for taste and attention to details. His childhood elapsed with the family by the Mediterranean seaside and the weekends in the country. These days by the sea gave him the light, the scent, the deepness, the passion for sensations and the search for new horizons. The countryside taught him that the best results are always consequence of hard work achieved with love and passion. « If you have never grown a tomato. You will never understand the sensation and taste of a freshly picked tomato ».

The history

The happiness of his childhood came to an end on a cold night in early January. Jose lost his father when he was 10. The days in the country were not the same anymore. As if in a fairytale, his mother distributed the personal belongings of her husband amongst the children: the ring for the oldest, the chain for the girl, the watch for the youngest. Jose received the medal for the effort and work achievement of his father.

After a period of crisis and rebellion he grew up and with him also grew his love for fashion to which he would dedicate the next 25 years of his life.

One day, 30 years after the death of his father, he found the medal hidden in a drawer. It was then that he realised the very deep meaning of that object. The meaning of the precious family legacy: Authenticity.

And then, by the sea of his summer souvenirs, the phrase that marked his life came back to his mind : « Fight for your targets but always by being yourself ». He realised that nobody expected him to be the perfect son. Just to be himself and be happy. Suddenly he realised perfection is never where you expect it to be.

Perfection is in the unexpected.