"An earthy luxury, appreciating simplicity"


Underwear is the first thing we put on in the morning. It is our shield of protection against the daily grind. The gesture of choosing the first garment that is going to touch, wrap and protect us might seem trivial but it is not. The choice of colour and texture may be a crucial indicator of the events that will unfold during the rest of your day. There are ordinary briefs, the sexy ones, and the ones with good or bad vibes. How much of our underwear becomes precious due to a memorable event (or vice versa). Your underwear can be a good omen and influence the rest of your day. It might seem like a subconscious decision that we take freely, to select one or another, to discard one or caress another.

There are different rituals that depend on the day of the week. The Perfect Son is a project that takes those rituals seriously and gives them the importance that they deserve.

It all started on a beach in Alicante during the holidays. It was back then that Jose hesitated about his future after a long and successful career in fashion. A medal inherited from his father inspired him to make a radical change and decide to combine his extensive experience with his sensibility. He needed to offer something new to the world. Something authentic, respecting the heritage of craftsmanship that is in his blood. A tribute to his parents that, despite his imperfections, had always supported him and believed in him. Out of this longing was born the Perfect Son. The best brief in the World.


Men’s underwear has always been considered the prodigal son in the fashion world. The Perfect Son, the best brand for boxer shorts, will change this forever. In this Project you can find fashion, feelings and emotions all together. This is an innovative and brave brand with a passion for details. A unique product with a new dimension. Made by and for people with self-confidence and values. A way to improve our confidence and live incredible moments with unforgettable people.

Born out of an original idea by Jose Jiménez, the brand is the result of the efforts of many friends and collaborators. They are the godfathers of The Perfect Son and have helped to achieve this perfection.

The fit, unique in its details, provides incomparable comfort. The craftsmanship handed down through generations in Barcelona, Spain and not yet corrupted by globalisation allows the garments a perfect fit to the body. The chosen tailoring combine the best textiles in the World (Thomas Mason, 100% cotton, Giza 45, 140/2-140/2) with the comfortable and exclusive design of French couture. The 9 stitching by centimetre technique transforms each garment into a work of art. All details, from the personalized nacre buttons to the high quality elastic band have been chosen from the best in the market. Moreover, following in good sartorial tradition, all garments are packed and folded with pins.

Out of these unique qualities seven different models presented in splendid cube packaging were born. Each cube/model contains an exclusive fragrance developed by our experts. The fragrance will allow you to experience the pleasure of that first day again and again.

Being the best brief in the world, The Perfect Son is always labelled with a certificate of authenticity. All models are numbered guaranteeing origin. This also allows us to take care of our customers on a personal basis. We care about our customers and their experiences with our products.