Esprit fort (strong spirit) is the term used by the libertines in French aristocratic circles. Men ready to do anything for the search of authentic pleasure. Vital pleasure that goes beyond physical or spiritual boundaries. Associated with erotic and sexual debaucherie since ancient times,  they were indeed free spirits, ready to break all rules to be true to themselves. They are the origin of The Perfect Son that pays hommage to that free and strong spirit  that still endures in the selected few.


Red, associated since the dawn of time to the imperial power , is itself a powerful and vital colour. Boldness and security that connote this warm tone does not exclude the magnanimity of the strength of the wearer. The Perfect Son offers the bold the possibility of carrying their most intimate and innermost energy.

Calzoncillos de lujo nº1


The colour of the kings, blue is associated to the strong but serene ones. This tone linked to sea gods and monarchs, bring a subtle harmony, mixing water and sky in one single garment. Created by The Perfect Son for those who know how to navigate their daily grind with intrinsic confidence.

Calzoncillos de lujo nº1


Reminiscent of potent poisons , demons and talismans , green is also an earthy colour, symbol of hope and of Nature . Loved or hated viscerally, green , for its hypnotic ambiguity , leaves no one indifferent. The Perfect Son thus creates the freest of their styles , suitable only for the genuinely adventurous.

Calzoncillos de lujo nº1