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Porque la perfección está en lo inesperado.

The Perfect Son boxer is a revolution in the concept of boxer known until now. We have respected the most classic shirt tradition but with a modern approach adapted to the 21st Century. Same as a Century ago, all boxers are cut with scissors, sown with single needle machines and with French seam finishing. All boxers are checked manually and individually before packaging.

We use the best quality materials for the best underwear for men. An exquisite packaging linked to our passion for detail, makes each of our boxers unique. 140’s textiles, 100% fine cotton, 9 stitches per centimetre, personalised Australian nacre buttons and microfibre latex free elastic defines the excellence of our boxer shorts.

The craftsmanship handed down through generations  in Barcelona and not yet corrupted by globalisation allows the production of our seven different models presented in splendid cube packaging. Each cube/model contains an exclusive fragrance developed by our experts. José has always carried with him the light and color of the Mediterranean as well as a passion for discovering new lands, beyond the horizon. This has helped him to develop, together with a local craftsman, some very unique aromas which will awaken your senses and spark your hidden emotions.

A subtle, light, yet alluring fragrance that will discover when you open your box.

We hope this little piece of aromatherapy will evoke some happy memories for you.

Being the best boxer shorts in the world, The Perfect Son is always labelled with a certificate of authenticity. All models are numbered guaranteeing origin. This also allows us to take care of our customers on a personal basis. We care about our customers and their experiences with our products.

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White is the natural colour of elegance and always the first choice of shirt makers. We have therefore chosen white for models 1 to 5. The detail remains however in the textures and jacquards. There are white shirts for different occasions so there is also a Perfect Son boxer for every situation.

best boxer short no1

best boxer short no2

best boxer short no3

best boxer short no4

best boxer short no5


A break from the daily routine makes the weekend different and special: moments to slow down and enjoy what we were unable to do during the working week; uniting hedonistic Saturday evenings with lazy Sunday afternoons.

Night out and Day Off break with the daily whites with some high definition prints. A laid back, feel good factor that doesn’t compromise on style

best boxer short day off

best boxer short night out

The Perfect Son provides a personalised service for the most demanding customer. All our boxer shorts can be personalised with initials, dates, names or symbols.  This attention to details is our signature. The best quality boxer for men.

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