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  • The Perfect Son

    Wellington Braz, Creative director in Especial Mulher Magazine

    11 PM, Attitude.

    When are you the perfect son?
    I’m the perfect son when I show my determination in achieving my goals and search for the future I promised to my family when I left them

    When are you not the perfect son?
    I am not the perfect son when I let myself go and live the easy life

  • Francesc Arroyo

    Francesc Arroyo, Director of Innovation

    10 AM, Day at the Gym

    When are you the prefect son?
    When I make my parents laugh, I’m happy and I want them to know every day.

    When are you not the perfect son?
    When I think they are doing something wrong and I try to change them, I have to accept that every person finds happiness in his own way.